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Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools and Classrooms

Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools and Classrooms

by Kathy Price -
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Welcome back to a new school year!!

Here are some links to great resources that you can use to begin creating positive and safe learning enviornments for all students and staff. (For assistance with developing School Wide Positive Behaviour support for your school, contact your School and Family Consultant.)


Article by Lori Newcomer on Universal Positive Behaviour Support for the Classroom and also a powerpoint presentation that illustrates the same principles .

Social Contracts: Social Contract

Social Contract E-book

Also, check out the Social Responsiblity Performance Standards available in kid language on this website.

School-wide Bully Prevention

Start the year off right and maintain a solid teaching program to prevent bullying behaviours throughout the year with these free materials from the website:

Elementary and Middle School Curriculum:

Powerpoint to introduce program to staff/parents