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(Relating to development and implementation of Codes of Conduct)

In an orderly school…


  • A school-wide program is in place to help maintain a positive climate in all aspects of school life
  • Clear expectations for acceptable conduct are established in each school
  • Codes of conduct reflect the values and expectations described in school board policy
  • Codes of Conduct are developed with participation from parents, students, teachers, school administrators and other school support staff.
  • Expectations for acceptable conduct are made known to students, parents and school staff as well as to temporary staff and visitors.


  • Behavioural expectations outlined in codes of conduct are consistently taught and actively promoted. Responses to unacceptable behaviour are based consistently on sound principles and are appropriate to the context.
  • Relevant data are used as procedures are reviewed and revised
  • Codes of conduct are reviewed and improved in light of evidence gathered and/or relevant research, and are revisited as a part of a regular cycle of policy review

For further information:
Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools
A Guide
B.C. Ministry of Education 2004

For support in developing a code of conduct and school-wide positive behaviour support, contact your District Behaviour Consultant.

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