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About Social Responsibility

BC Performance Standards - Social Responsibility: A Framework

Kid Language Social Responsibility Performance Standards (Word Docs)

K-3 Section 1 4-5 Section 1 6-8 Section 1

K-3 Section 2 4-5 Section 2 6-8 Section 2

K-3 Section 3 4-5 Section 3 6-8 Section 3

K-3 Section 4 4-5 Section 4 6-8 Section 4
  • The framework provides common language for discussions about the social responsibility
    of an individual student or group of students.

  • They were developed over the course of two years using an extensive literature review, direct
    observation, student products/projects and student reflections and self-reports.

  • The framework provides a common set of expectations for student development in four categories
    1. Contributing to the classroom and school community.
    2. Solving problems in peaceful ways
    3. Valuing diversity and defending human rights.
    4. Exercising democratic rights and responsibilities

  • The categories are neither discrete nor independent—any real example of social behaviour is
    likely to involve two or more of the categories.
  • The standards are intended for use in the context of ongoing classroom and school activities.
  • Self-evaluation is a key aspect of the development of social responsibility.
  • The performance standards do not introduce new issues or outcomes; rather, they are an
    assessment and evaluation resource that supports existing school and classroom programs.
  • The BC performance standards for social responsibility are presented in four clusters.
    K to 3; Grades 4-5; Grades 6-8 and Grade 8-10.
  • They describe and illustrate four levels of performance: Not yet meeting expectations,
    Minimally meets expectations, Fully meets expectations, Exceeds expectations.
  • Any decision about an individual student’s level of social responsibility should be based
    on an accumulation of observations and samples over time.

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